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Debonding & Debanding Set


The perfect Instrument Set for your Debonding/Debanding Appointments with 7 Instruments and an Ultra-Durable Sterilization Cassette. Set Includes: Debonding Plier, Adhesive Removing Plier, Posterior Band Removing Plier, Distal End Cutter, Adhesive Remover & Scaler, Double Ended Explorer and a Stainless Steel Mouth Mirror.

Check out the Instrument specifics below:

Debonding Plier Straight: Featuring Hard Stainless Steel Tips for longetivity and durability, these pliers allow Orthodontists to effortlessly remove all bonding attachments during debonding.

Adhesive Removing Plier: A must-have plier for your Ortho Practice, these Adhesive Removing Pliers feature an occlusal pad on one side and a Tungsten Carbide Tip insert on the other allowing you to remove any adhesive remaining after debonding, without damaging the tooth enamel.

Posterior Band Removing Plier Long Insert: Featuring a Sleek-design Long tip, these pliers provide greater leverage during usage, allowing for a more easy access to molar region and greater visibility during operation, enabling Orthodontists to remove bands with minimal effort.

Distal End Cutter Long Handle: One of our Best Selling Orthodontic Cutters, this Distal End Cutter is precisely designed for safe Intra-oral Cutting of wires. With a sleek V-shaped tip, Inserted with the Ultra-Strong Tungsten Carbide, this cutter can effortlessly cut through all wires up to 0.025″ while safely holding the loose distal end of the wire to be disposed off.

Adhesive Remover & Scaler: A versatile Double ended Instrument, featuring an Adhesive remover and a Scaler for easy clean-up of Adhesives and excess cements during Debonding.

Double Ended Explorer: These expertly crafted Double Ended Explorers feature a precisely pointed offset tip with an ultra slim profile, allowing the practioner a clear and an unobstruted view during operation.

Mouth Mirror: Your daily go to Instrument at the most affordable price across the market, these precisely built mouth mirrors feature an ultra-reflective glass allowing dental proffessionals to examine all areas of the mouth precisely with a crystal clear image.


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