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Tenotomy Scissors Supercut


Tenotomy scissors are used for delicate procedures. With the long handle and thin tapered blades, the tenotomy scissors are able to cut tissues in hard to reach, limited spaces. These sharp, straight scissors make small, precision cuts, and they are perfect for delicate operations. These SuperCut tenotomy scissors are popular, because one blade is super sharp and the other is serrated. This lets you grip the tissue and shear for a clean cut the first time.

The longer handles help to control the precision of these tenotomy scissors in restricted spaces or with delicate membranes or tissues, like brain tissue or ophthalmic surgeries. These scissors are designed for probing and cutting in tight spots. A precision pair of scissors like the tenotomy scissors limits the damage to surrounding tissues, which is critical in neurosurgery and other applications.


  • One edge micro serrated, one edge honed to the sharpness of a knife
  • Sharp tips
  • Stainless steel


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