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Prophy Paste Ring



Get into those hard-to-reach places with this long, sharp, spiraled tool. The dual-ended sides allow you to reach any area in the mouth without bending your hands at awkward angles. The curved, slender tips make it ideal for working on interproximal posterior surfaces, and the design of this particular posterior sickle scaler was made for removing supragingival calculus.

Using the 204S Posterior Sickle Scaler can help you give your clients a healthy mouth again. Additionally, it can add confidence to any smile, as it easily cuts away visible plaque that could be a source of insecurity for some patients. Your patients will be thankful you have a tool like this in your arsenal, and the ease of use will make you glad you chose the 204S over other sickle scalers.

Which Tip Is Right for Me?

Your new sickle scaler can come with any of our three tip options — Siberian Stone™, Blue Titanium steel, or regular steel.

Our Siberian Stone™ products are manufactured in the United States. Their top-of-the-line stainless steel provides the longest-lasting sharpness of any tool and is highly resistant to wear.

Another excellent option is choosing a posterior sickle scaler with a titanium tip. Blue titanium also has a durable finish, with an added element of style.

Classic steel is an affordable, no-frills option that eases your work on even the most complex smiles.

Why Choose ProDentUSA for Posterior Sickle Scalers?

When you buy your instruments from ProDentUSA, they’re protected by the ProDent Promise. All of our products are designed to last and guaranteed to satisfy. With our reliable, durable steel, you’ll reap the benefits of using a posterior sickle scaler that stays sharp over and over again.

  • Available in US Siberian Stone™ tip or regular steel
  • Best-selling posterior sickle design
  • Guaranteed long-lasting sharpness
  • Available in hollow handle H4


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