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Fess Instruments Set, Complete Set of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery


Fess Instruments Set

  1. Antrum Rotatable Back Biting Sinus Forceps 3mm Bite Size
  2. Hueweiser Antrum Grasping Forceps 130mm Shaft Length 90 degree down
  3. Kerrison Rongeur / Punch Upward
  4. Kerrison Rongeur / Punch Downward
  5. Giraffe Forceps Upward 55*
  6. Giraffe Forceps Upward 90*
  7. Weil Blakesley Nasal Forceps Straight 4mm Jaw
  8. Weil Blakesley Nasal Forceps Curved Upward 45* 4mm Jaw
  9. Pediatric / Delicate Weil Blakesley Nasal Forceps Straight Fine pattern
  10. Pediatric / Delicate Weil Blakesley Nasal Forceps Upward 45* Fine
  11. Takahashi Straight Cutting Forceps
  12. Mushroom Forceps Straight (Circular Cutting Punch)
  13. Scalpel Handle #7
  14. ENT Sickle Knife
  15. Antrum Ball Probe, Double Ended Maxillary Ostium Seeker
  16. Double Ended Freer Elevator
  17. Cottle Double Ended Elevator Sharp / Blunt
  18. Antrum Curette
  19. Hartman Forceps Light Pattern Small size
  20. Hartmann Forceps Standard Medium Size
  21. Delicate Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 15cm Supercut + TC Serrated
  22. Mayo Scissors Curved Supercut + TC Serrated Blade
  23. Frazier Suction Tube 8Fr
  24. Frazier Suction Tube 10Fr
  25. Frazier Suction Tube 12Fr
  26. Antrum Suction Tube Curved 3mm
  27. Antrum Suction Tube Curved 4mm
  28. Crile Forceps Straight  16cm
  29. Nasal Concha Scissors, Straight Fine Delicate Blades for Sinus 13cm
  30. Vienna Nasal Speculum (Large)
  31.  Stainless Steel Sterilizing Box


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